An Experiment in Crowd-Sourcing Contract Language

Sample Contract Language

Earlier this year I wrote Can the Crowd Produce a Decent Contract? in response to some back and forth between Ken Adams and Bill Carleton about the topic on their blogs. In the comments to my post, Ken expressed skepticism, but another comment, by Max Mednik, suggests that crowd-sourcing can “up-vote” contracts with the best quality contract language.

Up-voting contract language. Now that sounds interesting. So I’d like to try an experiment in up-voting. Quora seems like a good platform to invite people to submit contract language for the crowd to vote on, so I’ve done just that. If you’d like to play, click on this link to go to my question “What’s the best anti-assignment provision in a contract ever?” and drop in a suggested clause. Then we’ll let the crowd decide whether it has the chops to be the best ever.

I’ve already taken the plunge and submitted a provision (which, truth be told, is probably lifted from Tina Stark’s awesome work, Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate). At least do me a solid and give me a jump on the competition!

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