New Battle of the Forms Chart

Battle of the Forms

Battle of the Forms ChartWhat better way to end my summer hiatus from blogging than to improve the blog’s most-read post? Back in March 2012 I hit “publish” on Battle of the Forms Explained (Using a Few Short Words). It’s a brief primer on section 2-207 of the Uniform Commercial Code–one of the more complicated areas of contract law–and it’s received about three times the traffic of my next most-popular post.

I included in the post an attractive flowchart illustrating the law and was recently informed by the chart’s creator, Todd Feldman, that he’d created a new and improved chart. I’ve incorporated the new chart into my original post and you can also find Todd’s handiwork on his website at Just click on the chart on his site to get a full-sized version.

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  • Dexter Bell Aug 21, 2015 Link Reply

    Brian, Thanks for this excellent article. Could you comment on the apparent conflict between UCC 2-201 (1) and 2-207 (3)?

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