About theContractsGuy (the Person)

Hi, I’m Brian Rogers, a business law attorney licensed in Missouri and Illinois and practicing in St. Louis. I’m the founder of Blue Maven Law, LLC, a business law firm that focuses on helping buyers and sellers of small business navigate the legal aspects of their transactions, company formation, contracts, and general business law advice. Although my practice involves a range of corporate law disciplines, my professional passion has been drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts since a secondment in the legal department of a Fortune 500 company early in my legal career exposed me to business people and their day-to-day business deals.

Working with contracts is the closest a business lawyer in private practice comes to the operational life of a company. Other areas of corporate practice expose us to the business affairs of our clients, but helping business folks think through the details and implications of their business arrangements by applying legal analysis brings the transactional lawyer closer to “business” than anything else I’ve experienced. I often think of the issues that companies and their corporate attorneys deal with as being on a continuum, with legal issues on one end and business issues on the other. While helping a client with a contract, I am at the intersection of business and legal issues, dealing in legal concepts and advice, but informed by and immersed in business issues. I find that intellectually stimulating and satisfying.

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About theContractsGuy (the Blog)

theContractsGuy is a forum for engaging in a discussion of issues involving the legal aspects of contracts and the process of contracting, as well as the business of law. I hope that it will be a useful resource for inside and outside corporate counsel, as well as business people who are engaged in contracting on behalf of their companies. I also hope that the blog will prove to be a resource to the generalist who does not specialize in commercial transactions and could benefit from a general discussion of the issues treated here.