The Reading List: The Koncise Drafter

The Reading List

The Reading List—a regular feature of theContractsGuy—highlights blogs that are interesting enough that I check in regularly.

Ken Adams, the author of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, began publishing The Koncise Drafter in December 2010. The blog is the successor to Adams’s widely-followed AdamsDrafting blog (“same pointy-headed contract stuff, different URL”). Adams moved his on-line forum to The Koncise Drafter when he launched Koncision Contract Automation (the website at least, if not yet the service), which will offer a subscription document-assembly service combining contract templates developed by Koncision with document assembly technology offered by ContractExpress.

Adams’s considered analysis and focus on drafting details that I would naturally gloss over are often reminiscent of my philosophy classes at the University. Nothing is taken for granted and everything is subject to exacting examination. One key difference, though, is that the exercise is not academic. Contract language has a real world impact on legal and business matters—so the discussion is eminently practical.

The term discussion is particularly apt because Adams’s is not the only voice you hear. The blog has a large following of truly insightful readers who are active participants in the conversation. Adams sometimes serves more as a moderator, introducing the topic of a post and interacting with his readers’ comments, which are often better thought-out and more clearly articulated than most blog posts.

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