The Reading List: Starter Edition

The Reading List

[The Reading List — a regular feature of theContractsGuy — highlights blogs that are interesting enough that I check in regularly. Here’s a link to other Reading List posts.]

There’s a new business law blog that looks promising. The Seattle Small Business Lawyer’s Blog, which is only three weeks old, is “designed to facilitate discussion of news, strategy, and legal issues for small business and entrepreneurs,” according to the blog’s editor, Seattle business lawyer Gavin Johnson.

The blog’s so new there’s not much to it yet, but here’s a taste:

The Simple Step You Can Take to Protect Your Business: Draft a Noncompete Agreement contains a discussion of the value of noncompetes and provides a few tips to make sure they are enforceable.

Drafting Clear, Concise Contracts: A Brief Background of the Plain English Movement gives some background of the plain English movement.

The Upsides and Downsides to a Business Opportunity describes this alternative to franchises and discusses pros and cons.

“Green” Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives (Credits, Deductions, and Depreciation) for Small Business discusses a few of the tax breaks that are available to businesses.

Maybe I’ll revisit the blog for The Reading List once it’s been around for a while, but for now, I wish Gavin and the folks at inVigor Law Group well and look forward to seeing how their new project develops.

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