From the Interwebs: Throttling, Sleep, Love Isn’t Enough

From the Interwebs

Here are a few things I’ve read lately. Maybe you’ll find them interesting too.

AT&T Throttling. AT&T has been throttling its heaviest users whose iPhone accounts were grandfathered under unlimited data plans when AT&T introduced tiered plans. The throttling affects its heaviest users and apparently slows data speeds to a crawl. An affected subscriber recently won an $850 judgment in small claims court in California. It’ll be interesting to see whether subscribers attempt to mount a class action suit and whether the class arbitration waiver in AT&T’s subscriber agreements holds up.

Who needs eight hours? We’ve always been told that we need eight hours of sleep. That might or might not be true, but apparently people of old enjoyed two periods of sleep each night — a period of a few hours of sleep, followed by an interlude of an hour or two and an additional sleeping period of a few hours. According to the BBC News Magazine, “We often worry about lying awake in the middle of the night — but it could be good for you. A growing body of evidence from both science and history suggests that the eight-hour sleep may be unnatural.” That might be good news for those who frequently walk the halls in the wee hours.

Love and affection isn’t enough. The Ohio Supreme Court recently held that an unmarried couple’s agreement to split property proceeds is unenforceable for lack of consideration. Apparently, love and affection isn’t sufficient consideration to support a contract.

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